Join the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge - Less Than 10 Spots Left!

Drop 2 Sizes (D2S) is the only Challenge in the area with a 100% success rate.  If you don't drop 2 or more sizes in 8 weeks you'll get your money back, guaranteed!

I'm Ready to Drop 2 Sizes!









Become Stronger, Healthier, & More Confident!

Using fitness to become your healthiest, happiest, and best self has become harder than ever.

The world is flooded with false claims, quick-fixes, cookie-cutter programs, and unrealistic sustainability.

That only works for a very short period of time and if you make your life feel like a prison.

That doesn't sound fun, does it?

Joining a program shouldn't be your life, but joining a program should help you live your best life!

Our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge helps you live your best life by providing you with:

πŸ‘Š 100% Success Rate

πŸ‘Š Extreme Accountability

πŸ‘ŠNutrition Program with a Meal Plan (not a diet - we're not a fan of those)

πŸ‘Š Custom Exercise Plan

πŸ‘Š1-on-1 & Group Check-Ins (in-person & virtual)

πŸ‘ŠD2S Journal (your roadmap to success)

πŸ‘ŠAnd Much More!

We're not in the business of creating programs or Challenges for fun with no end goal or unattainable results, we like specific, measurable results.

Our Drop 2 Sizes is a fat loss driven program that will get you down at least 2 jean sizes in only eight weeks - GUARANTEED!

You'll feel more energized as you become stronger, happier, and more confident all before the holiday season begins and be able to carry the principles of the D2S Program with you for life!


I'm Ready to Drop 2 Sizes!


I was doubtful going into this...excited, but doubtful.

There were times I wanted to quit, but I couldn't deny that I felt better.

And it wasn't complicated, if I followed the guidelines, I would start to feel skinnier...

Then, I became very happy that I could put my jeans on after just 4 weeks!



I've got a lot on my plate between home, 2 boys in college, aging parents, and work, but I've realized I need to take time for me as well...

I still am pleased with how my body is changing.  My clothes are fitting differently - better in some areas...

What I can say with great certainty is that I've never in my life stuck with an exercise program or gym membership.



My journey over the last eight weeks made me focus on me...

The first week was somewhat difficult as it took me some time to get organized, meal prepping, etc.

After that week, I realized I could eat much of the same food my family eats, but needed to simply choose to not eat the processed foods and add more veggies.


By the end of D2S, you will

  • Be down at least 2 jeans sizes - guaranteed!
  • Understand how to achieve long-lasting, sustainable results
  • Realize that it's not just about the physical benefits when it comes to fitness
  • Feel stronger, healthier, more energized and confident heading into the holidays
  • Be able to say "bye bye" to all the crash diets and quick-fixes out there
  • Establish an entirely new routine to help you confidently move forward in and out of the gym
  • An eight-week journal (or blueprint) that is yours to keep to help you in the future!
I'm Ready to Drop 2 Sizes!

Why Unity Fitness?

We focus on the science behind fitness and nutrition along with the behavior behind sustainability.  Better yet, we teach that to you!  Anybody can work you out until you're tired, but we're here to make you better!

Plus, we're La Crosse's ONLY gym:

  • Named the #1 gym as voted on by other gym owners across the world (2020)
  • Consulted with Olympic coaches
  • Featured in IDEA Fitness Journal
  • Guarantees Results on ALL our programs
  • With 4 Precision Nutrition professionally-certified nutrition coaches
  • Over 20 Years of combined experience
  • Recognized as the Best Gym, Best Personal Trainer, and Rising Star Under 40 in the same year
  • Requires a college degree and a nationally accredited certification for all coaches
  • Home to the only Titleist Performance Institute Fitness & Power 2 Certified coach and National Academy of Sports Medicine Golf Fitness Specialist


D2S has pushed me to explore new limits, helping me to see a future beyond my injury.

The functional improvements that I have made had impacted my daily life and helped to encourage my mindset.

I now see goals beyond my injury.

I now am curious just exactly how far I can push my body.



Following the food guidelines is not as hard as I thought it would be...

Exercise regiment is critical for me as it keeps my mental focus on eating I really like the exercise program- I'm amazed by the coaches' passion!

While my before picture is embarrassing, I'm glad I have it...

I feel better than I have felt in a long time, both physically and mentally.  How can you top that?!

Everything you need to know about the D2S:

The Drop 2 Sizes Challenge (D2S) is an 8-week fat loss program starting on Sept. 27th that will result in the participants to drop at least 2 pant sizes.

The D2S Kickstart Seminar takes place on Sunday, Sept. 26th at 7:00 PM via Zoom to make sure all participants are ready to go!

D2S is for all genders, ages, and experience levels and each person will have a custom exercise plan tailored to their specific bodies and experience.

It is not a diet or intense exercise plan, but a nutrition program along with your expertly crafted custom exercise plan and extreme accountability.

D2S can be done in-person or online.  All in-person participants will have access to the entire online exercise program.

Training sessions and classes will be completed at the Unity Fitness facility and/or remotely/online, so you can do this right at home or on the road!

Weekly accountability meetings are a mandatory part of D2S and will take place both in-person and virtually along with a private group for added accountability and support.

A journal that includes the nutrition program with meal plan will be provided for each participant.  The journal will teach you the habits and tools behind your behaviors and your relationship with food along with the guidance of our expert certified nutrition coaches.

Your 8-week Program will include:

  • D2S Nutrition Program and Journal (Yours to Keep): $399 value
  • 8 Accountability Meetings Done Weekly: $199 value
  • 1-on-1 Nutrition Check-Ins w/Certified Nutrition Expert (In-Person Only): $99 value
  • 1-on-1 Bi-Weekly Check-Ins w/Expert Coach (Online Only): $99 value
  • 16 Personal Training Sessions (In-Person Only): $800 value
  • Custom Program Design: $299 value
  • Access up to 32 Group Classes (In-person Only): $399 value 
  • Online Workouts Through State-of-the-Art Software Used by Top Training Athletes: $349 value
  • Mandy's Little Black Book of Top Secret Tips: $19 value
  • Down At Least 2 Jean Sizes: PRICELESS!!
  • Plus, a D2S-only After Party with Surprise Gifts

That total comes to $2,563 and is based on local area competitive prices, but the D2S Program is being offered at a fraction of that cost:

D2S In-Person: $899 (D2S Online: $599)

(Financing options are available)


I'm Ready to Drop 2 Sizes!

Still on the fence? 


Normally we do a 30-day Guarantee, but we're so confident in our Drop 2 Sizes Challenge that we're giving you an 8-week Guarantee!

Training smart and having confidence and freedom over your nutrition will open the doors to incredible results.  We will GUARANTEE your success through Drop 2 Sizes!

But if you complete the requirements of the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge through its entirety and you do NOT get results, we'll put our money where our mouth is and pay back every penny.  How many other gyms will do that?

I'm Ready to Drop 2 Sizes!

It's Time to Drop (2 Sizes)!

No more excuses.  No more frustration.  With our 100% success rate, you can say hello to more energy, feeling stronger and healthier and more confident than before! 

All without the burnout and burying yourself into to the ground with starvation, restriction, or deprivation.

Say hello to better!  Say hello to Drop 2 Sizes!

I'm Ready to Drop 2 Sizes!