Move Better Swing Better:

The Best Investment You Can Make to Improve Your Golf Game

We are so excited for you to join our Move Better Swing Better program and for letting us be a part of your golf journey!  Click below for your membership option and let the swinging better begin!

In-Person (Most Popular)

The In-Person Membership is our most popular and most complete membership for the Move Better Swing Better program.  Get 8-10 personal training sessions each month on a customized program made-for-you, a TPI Level 1 Screen, indoor driving range, access to Unity's overspeed training program, and one-on-one nutrition coaching and check-ins.

Plus, you'll get everything included in our Remote Membership: all-access to in-person team training and remote coaching (online training) with over 65 workouts to choose from, invite to private group, Recovery Guide, Supplement Guide, Warm-Up Guide, and more!

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Remote Membership

The Remote Membership is the gold-standard option to achieve all your goals outside of Unity Fitness.  Get a customized program designed for you to do at another gym or at home, plus one-on-one bi-weekly Accountability Calls, all-access to in-person team training schedule at the facility (in case you're in town), all-access to our remote coaching program (online training) with over 60 workouts to choose from, invite to private group, Recovery Guide, Supplement Guide, Warm-Up Guide, and more!

Your TPI Level 1 Screen will be scheduled with a coach upon registering, this will also include swing characteristic feedback!

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