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You ARE more confident.

You ARE getting out of pain.

You ARE able to be more active.

You ARE enjoying life with the best years ahead.

It's time to reclaim your life!

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We Help You Take Back Control...

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Our Strategy is Different Because it Focuses on YOU

Here at Unity Fitness we design a custom fitness program that is fit for you.

Rather than forcing you into a predetermined plan and leaving results up to chance, your plan is customized to you with your results being structured, attainable, and sustainable.

Your program will let you reclaim the pain-free life you want to live with confidence, control, and clarity.

Train Right

There's no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all routines here.  Your custom program is combined with the accountability of an expert fitness coach to guide you down a fast-track of sustainable results.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition isn't about restrictions, starvation, or punishment.  It's about creating healthy habits that work for you, your goals and your lifestyle.  We're here to show you how and keep you accountable!


It's nearly impossible to make lasting changes on your own, but with expert fitness coaches, structure, and a judgement-free community, you'll feel welcomed & supported the second you walk in the door!


Our professionals are educated, experienced, and available.  We'll make sure you're on the right path towards success and can help adapt that path whenever necessary to keep you on track from anywhere in the world.

We Make it Easier for You to Take Back Control and Reclaim Your Life

The journey towards reclaiming your (active) life is different for each person and their history and goals.  This is precisely why we don't run cookie-cutter routines or New Year Challenges, but design completely custom programs for individuals instead.

Your initial visit is a free consult, called a No-Sweat Reclaim Session.

Our entire goal is to get to know you and make sure you're a good fit with us, otherwise we will refer to you to another gym or coach that we feel is the right fit for you because your success matters most.

The next piece of your journey with us is Phase 1 Assess where we assess how you're moving and how that relates to your goals in and out of the gym.  We'll then design your custom program where the real magic begins.

You'll then build CONFIDENCE, competence, autonomy in and out of the gym.

In the gym, we help you with main movement and skills while we help with main nutrition and recovery habits and skills outside of the gym as well.  All of this is built within your lifestyle, timeline, and goals, so the path is different for everybody and every body.

Your plan includes:

✅An expert fitness coach to hold you accountable and guide you towards results

✅Custom fitness program

✅Custom nutrition program

✅Custom recovery program

✅Personal training (up to 4x/week)

✅All-access to our facility and team training classes

✅Weekly community calls for added support and accountability

✅Unity Anywhere app so you can train anywhere

✅Supplement Assessment to make sure you're taking the right supps and not wasting your money

✅1-on-1 check-ins with your coach

✅24/7 access to our team of experts

✅Access to our Unity Fitness Food System docs (yours to keep): Baking Guide, Meal Prep Hack, Recipe Book, Restaurant Eating Guide, Travel Eating Guide, and many more!

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Time for Some Special Bonuses!

The first 10 people to sign up to reclaim their lives in 2023 will also receive: 

Lifetime Access to Nutrition Course

By committing to reclaiming your life, you'll receive Lifetime Access to our 8-Week Course: Nutritional Freedom.  You'll get updated content and info forever!

Bonus Training!

A complimentary training session will be added to your program to meet with a coach an additional time each week, or you'll receive a steep discount off of 1-on-1 training.

Free Access to Live Seminars

You'll receive free access to our in-person/online seminars ($15-99 value for each) including our Pain Free Seminar, Goal-Crush Seminar, and more!

VIP Pass for a Friend or Workout Buddy

Be one of the first 10 to enroll with us and receive a special VIP Pass for a friend or workout buddy to join you for 14 days for free, and get a surprise to help you with your success if they enroll with you!

Bonus Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Get additional 1-on-1 nutrition and lifestyle coaching sessions for added accountability and support.

Lifetime Access to our Mastering Fitness Fundamentals Course

This course will teach you the fundamentals of the major movement patterns to better your experience in and out of the gym!

What Our Members Say:


Pam S.

Karen L.

John V.


We're not the New Year Resolution people...

We're the anytime solution people.

With numerous options to choose from this New Year, it's hard to know which one is best (or try next).

But maybe there are so many out there because they actually don't work long term...

Because if they did, why would we need more and more every year?

Here's the truth: the 28-day or 6-week challenges don't work because of 3 main reason:

1. They force you to starve or restrict your food.

2. They require you to workout until complete exhaustion.

3. The program isn't customized to you and your lifestyle, you're just expected to show up and do the work no matter what.

Other Challenges require you to do one or two (and sometimes both) things to get results: workout to exhaustion and/or eat to starvation.

Does that sound like the path to reclaiming your life with confidence, control, and clarity?

We don't believe so.

We used to run challenges like that years ago, but instead of getting long-term results those challenges created this instead:

1. A bad relationship with food.

2. A bad relationship with fitness.

3. A depleted body that didn't have enough energy and confidence to live their life with control and clarity when away from the gym.

So, we changed our approach and focused back on the person, creating an experience in the gym that actually upgrades their lives out of the gym.

We didn't want to be a quick-fix people, we wanted to be the solution.

We didn't want to stop at building confidence, we wanted to help you reclaim.

By teaching you what works through exercise, nutrition, and recovery the right way, you can keep progressing and get results that last!

No more working out 7x/week, twice per day.  No more starvation diets or severe food restrictions.

No more fluff.  No more BS!

You'll be fueled appropriately for your goals and lifestyle so you can get the most out of your training (like an athlete would) and daily life.

You'll recover and sleep like a king or queen.

You'll reclaim your life by getting sustainable results that promotes optimal HEALTH, not a battered and beaten body that is only good (sometimes) in a gym.

This year, don't just try - RECLAIM!
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Why Unity Fitness?

Our focus is by providing you with a professional fitness experience.  We do this by providing you with your own professional coach to help you reach your goals.

Our professionals ocus on the science behind fitness and nutrition along with the behavior behind sustainability.  Better yet, we teach that to you!

Anybody can work you out until you're tired, but we're here to make you better!

Our coaches value your results through education, expertise, and relationships as they provide you with a custom path to success.

Plus, we're La Crosse's ONLY gym:

  • Named the #1 gym as voted on by other gym owners across the world (2020)
  • Consulted with Olympic coaches
  • Featured in IDEA Fitness Journal
  • Guarantees Results on ALL our programs
  • With 3 Precision Nutrition professionally-certified nutrition coaches
  • Recognized as the Best Gym, Best Personal Trainer, and Rising Star Under 40 in the same year
  • Hires coaches with a college degree and/or a nationally accredited certification
  • Home to the only Titleist Performance Institute Fitness 3 & Power 2 Certified coach and National Academy of Sports Medicine Golf Fitness Specialist in the Midwest (Jordan Rudolph)
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Faith H.

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