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Schedule a FREE, no-contract, consultation with us. Gain full access to our facility, multiple personal training sessions, large group training sessions, and a nutrition assessment when you start your 3 Week Trial Package for only $89.

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Large Group Training

We offer over 20 large group training sessions every week! Ranging from our version of cardio to golf performance, these sessions are designed by a fitness expert to help you achieve real results!

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We Aim for Results

We have one goal: delivering the best possible service to all of our members, and that means RESULTS. We're not your average gym. We're a training facility and we're different because we're here to help you.

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Why Unity Fitness?

Life can get very busy at times, so it's very important to make your workouts count.  Our philosophy is to help the everyday average person to live happily and healthy by accomplishing his or her goals in the most safe, efficient, and effective way as possible.

There's is a lot to consider when deciding what gym is best for you.  Price, staff, convenience, support, service, and results are all worthy characteristics when making a decision to change your life through health and fitness.  Before making a decision you'll regret a month later and before you make any commitment to another gym, be sure to consider the following:

Only one gym in the La Crosse area that...

  • Guarantees results through our personal training program
  • Offers training programs and free gym access in EVERY package, making us the only true training facility in La Crosse.
  • Has reoccurring nutrition consultations, functional movement screens, fitness assessments, and much more with each package.
  • Is home to the only certified Golf Fitness Specialist.
  • Assigns a certified fitness coach to every member to help guide you and answer questions about fitness, exercises, and nutrition.
  • Also includes a whole-food smoothie bar where you can enjoy delicious and nutritious smoothies made to order as a healthy alternative to fast food.
  • Is featured in the IDEA Fitness Journal for outstanding success and results.

Last, but not least, there is only one gym in La Crosse that offers you a no-risk, no-commitment 21 Day Jumpstart Package that gives you full benefits of the facility which includes personal training sessions, large group training sessions and access to everything else you see above!