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At Unity Fitness, we'll design your fitness, nutrition, and recovery programs to help you live your best life.  Your personalized program is based on your health/medical/injury history, exercise experience, movement assessment, lifestyle, and goals, so you'll progress in a smart manner with sustainable results.

"I have been to most of the gyms in town and have had a few personal trainers, but what this organization does is beyond anything I have experienced. It is not just about the workouts, it is not just about nutrition, it is not just about mindfulness. There is so much more to this gym than can be explained on a simple review, but I can tell you, if you're looking for some place very different, very unique, where you will fit in on day one, and where every old athletic injury is worked with, this is the place to go!'

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As you progress, your customized program naturally progresses with you as well.  Our nationally-certified expert coaches will be there to guide you throughout your journey, so you'll never feel lost or out of the loop.

Lifestyle Design

Your custom program is not just geared towards "in the gym" wellness, it's main goal to improve your overall quality of life as you achieve your goals an beyond!

Nutrition Coaching

Get 1-on-1 guidance from certified experts as we focus on the behaviors and habits towards better nutrition without the regulations and restrictions.

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We are here to serve and guide YOU, the individual, to success.  We take out all the guess work of what to do - all you have to do is show up and execute!

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That's us fulfilling our promise to deliver the best experience you'll find from a gym as we deliver quick and sustainable results!

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