w/Special Guest Dr. Sue Tobert

Season #2 Episode #11

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 11 as you come off of Thanksgiving 1, 2, 3, aaaaand the rest of the leftovers.  This was a spur-of-the-moment episode that we pulled off with one of our in-person members at Unity Fitness and we're glad we did because this turned into a really special episode on mindset, continual growth, and positive psychology.  We are pleased to welcome Dr. Sue Tobert to the episode!

Introducing Dr. Sue Tobert - 2:05 --> Meet physician and recently empty-nester Dr. Sue Tobert, who's been a member at Unity Fitness for a little over a year!

"Phases of life when psychosocial transitions happen" - 6:23 --> Most people don't pay attention to how major life transitions play a role in their lives.  We dive into how these transitions matter, but also how to flip your mindset on these transitions and make them more experiences to help with the overall transitions.  

What's the concept of life balance - 10:52 --> The concept of life balance is different to everybody, but something we're always striving for whether it's work-life balance or just balance in general.  Sue talks about more about that "balance" being a physician, a wife, and a mother of three.

"Humans are built to do hard things" - 16:25 --> Sue discusses being confronted with challenges and getting uncomfortable by flipping your mindset, channeling your awareness to help you make progress, and the proper dosage of "self-help" as "safe medicine".  If you struggle with getting uncomfortable, this segment is for YOU.  Check out Dr. Kristin Neff's Ted Talk.

There's a million ways to skin a cat, but there's power to do what's best for YOU - 25:37 --> There's no one fitness program that's exactly alike at Unity Fitness.  Sue talks about how the power of a customized fitness program has revolutionized her take on fitness.

Do we make things harder than things have to be? - 31:48 --> Tune in to hear Jordan, Emily, and Sue talk about the wiring of human beings and how we unconsciously have to make things harder to stay in comfort rather than go-with-the-flow.

Have more "transformational conversations" - 34:14 --> We discuss how having deeper, transformational conversations help with better meaning and connection that we have with people and life to help with support and overall well-being.  Sue also brings up a challenge for you, the listener, from this episode!



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