Get sustainable results

without getting lost in the crowd.

At Unity Fitness, we use the same award-winning, results-based principles as our personal training, but provide them in a class setting with a capped capacity to provide safety while delivering effective and efficient results.

"The small group classes feel like 1:1 training, as the coaches keep tabs on everyone throughout class...The classes are geared to give you the type of workout that supports your goals and everyone there is so supportive and motivating."

Welcome to better

Our small group sessions are designed to deliver incredible results with expert guidance.  The sessions can be modified for any individual to match their goals, experience, and needs.

Evolving Programs

Our small group sessions will repeat for 6 weeks and then rotate so you will never get bored and always make progress.

Personalized Attention

We screen and assess you before your first class so you'll learn the appropriate exercises and progress when you're ready.

Make It Your Own

Our small group sessions are designed to offer the best of all things fitness: strength, cardio, mobility, and recovery.

Begin Your Journey!

The No-Sweat Guarantee

Try us for 30 days.  If you're not feeling and looking better after 30 days, you won't pay.

That's us fulfilling our promise to deliver the best experience you'll find from a gym as we deliver quick and sustainable results!

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The Most Supportive CommUNITY You'll Find

We know coming to a gym can be intimidating, but with our judgement-free, supportive commUNITY and expert guidance, you'll feel safe, confident, and right at home on day one and beyond!

Come for the results, stay for the commUNITY!

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